Home is where the heart is.

I’ve always been a home bird, and since university and moving to
Southampton, I have become ever fonder of my home town that is
Often referred to as a sleepy seaside town, I used to
believe you couldn’t live any where worse. But thanks to age and
maturity, I actually couldn’t think of anywhere better.
Gone are
the days I dreamt of living in a bustling city in America or Australia.
Maybe for a year or two, but leaving Eastbourne behind for good, no
I’ll probably get some of those good for nothing’s who
commonly pop up on my Facebook news feed who constantly rant about the
bores of my hometown looking in on this post thinking I’m crazy.
**News flash, I’m not and there are plenty of reasons why.**
with two midland girls who travel hours to reach the nearest beach, I
have concluded I really take mine for granted! There are never too many
times you can take a midnight stroll under starlight along the
Brighton isn’t too far either, far enough to miss the
noise of Brighton and Hove Albion supporters, but close enough to jump
on the night bus after a night of clubbing.
“It’s an upcoming
area” is often heard by estate agents across the Eastbourne area, and
although this is true, it’s becoming a little bit of a joke how long
it’s taking to get a Nando’s in the town. We’ll get there eventually.
And lastly, it’s rather nice to see some greenery without it being found in an overgrown student garden littered with beer cans.
whilst I pack for another long weekend home with friends, family and my
new boyfriend, I speak to all those who say I go home too often and I
enjoy being home a little too much.
Walking along the coast with
puppy and boyfriend in tow, followed by hot chocolate and home cooked
meals are calling. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend too, ekkkkk!
What do you love about your home town?
I’d love to know, so comment.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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