we are in February, I think I have grasped the idea of the kind of year
2015 will be for me. It’s no thanks to the little set of ‘rules’ I’ve
made myself that I have to remember to make sure my year doesn’t turn
out like any of the others. Some will be hard to grasp and the others,
well I am turning older!

  • Be selfish; For
    too long over the years I have been too worried about everyone else. I
    think everyone does that too often so I say this is the year to be
    selfish and think for yourself. Do things to make you happy, not because
    it will cheer up your other half or keep your friends content.
  • Make time for yourself; Its
    pretty simuliar to the one previous, but make some bloody time to
    yourself. Whether it be a warm bath with candles and bubbles once a
    week, or its to read your favourite book snuggled on the sofa without
    any distractions, make it part of the week where its all about you and
    time to unwind.
  • Use Facebook better;  I’m
    not saying get rid of facebook – god forbid. But what happened to a
    little bit of privacy. Quiet frankly I don’t want to know about your
    daughter doing a poo in the bath, neither do I want to know how many
    lads you pulled after reading a paragraph for a status. The use for
    Facebook has changed – for me certainly, so instead of using it to keep
    tabs on my most hated, I’m plan to use it to document my most happiest
    times of 2015. Gives me something to look at in a couple of years.
  • Get off your phone!!; This
    is one im going to find the hardest, but I know its for the best. I’m
    fed up with the hunched over neck as well as the stupid remarks that
    come with being glued to your phone. Set it down, leave it alone. We all
    flick it to see if we’ve had any messages or if there is anything
    interesting on your social profiles, we all know that hasn’t happened.
    Switch it off and be with real people!
  • Create new memories; How
    many of us do the same old same old? Go to the same club, spend friday
    nights doing the same thing week in week out. Do something different,
    maybe even go out of your comfort zone. Head to a new bar, have a dinner
    party, have a games night in with friends and family. Whatever it be,
    make 2015 be the year you did things differently. You might find
    yourself something new to do on a friday night!
  • Stop being so hard on yourself; I
    know alot of women go through this, and I do too. ‘Im too fat, my
    thighs are hugeeeee, my hair isn’t long enough, my skin is terrible….’
    Well I have news, everyone has their imperfections, blemishes, pores,
    lines, marks. It makes us who we are and unique.
  • You don’t have to have a plan; Its
    okay not to know what you want to do with your life. Its okay not to
    have it all mapped out. In reality not everything goes to plan. Go with
    it. Do what you’re doing and everything will work out in the end. Make
    your happiness your priority.
  • Lastly, be yourself; Maybe
    its all the previous mixed into one, but be yourself! Do what makes you
    happy, even if you do get called old women – I often do. Stop worrying
    about what everyone else thinks, and what you think you should be doing.
    Make yourself happy. Enjoy 2015 and many more to come.

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