Stress Busters that work for me

There comes a time that everyone becomes stressed. Whether it be because of workloads, relationships or just life in general, it can all effect us in different ways.

Since being at university, I have established I’m pretty shocking at dealing with stress levels and in fact found It can effect the people around me. I bottle it up until its a little too late, and I burst much like a balloon. This is not good!

If this sounds like you too, don’t worry, its all about finding things that in fact help you de-stress in a healthy way, and I thought, as it nears closer to exam dates, there would be no better time than to share some little ways I like to de-stress!

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Candles and a good book 

There is nothing better than reading a good book surrounded by candles when stressed. Might seem like you’re escaping the work you should be doing, but taking a quick 20 mins away from the workload can help you calm down and re-assess the stress instead of getting yourself in a pickle. My favorite de-stress book is The Wizard of Oz ( Nothing beats a childhood classic!)

Calming playlist 

I have a special playlist to listen to when I need to de-stress as I’ve found there is nothing worse than listening to party music when stressed! Create one to listen to in times of stress or even work. I listen when I need to concentrate, like blogging and essay writing. Favorites include Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard and Tom Odell.

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My house mate told me about this one, and she couldn’t be more right! I always loved colouring when I was little, and there is nothing more therapeutic than relaxing than colouring in beautiful design. Grown-up colouring books can be found on Amazon, and pens and pencils can be as cheap as £1.

Just some fresh air can help you de-stress over all. Take deep breaths, and go for a walk in the park, seafront or countryside to really side track your mind just for an hour or so. The exercise can even help with stress levels too!

Eat Well

I should practice what I preach a little more, however it is known if eating well and sleeping the right amount, stress levels can reduce. Keep on top of five fruit or veg a day and sleep at least seven hours to guarantee less stress.

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Think Positive

Is this going to matter in a year? Worse has happened! When thinking about workloads and exams, I think as long as I try my hardest, that’s all I can do! There is no point stressing beyond belief, it won’t help in the long run. Do what you can and all will work out in the end.

So the next time you’re in times of stress, try a couple of these to really help you unwind and calm down. And don’t be shy to try some of your own. Do you have any of your own stress busters? I’d love to know!