Goodbye University, hello working life!

Goodbye University, hello working life!

Its hard to digest that I am well and truly done with education and all the work that comes with it. After a painful 12 years of maths, english, science and physical education as well as 5years thumbing through the world of media, I can safely say “Education, I have had enough!”.

So whilst I have been a little absent these past couple of weeks, can I be forgiven for completing one hell of a degree, and bagged a 12 week placement, starting 2 days after my final exam, at one of media’s highest companies? I believe I can.

Blogging, has and still is a passion to release some creativity, and whilst it won’t be inbetween essay papers and university projects, it will now more so be on the train from a hards days work in the office.

I would like to say formally, hello adult world, filled with 9-5 work days, 2hrs commute, sweaty middle aged men reading the metro, 6am wake ups and forever wishing it was the weekend.

I guess this is the start of working life?

Anyone got any tips? I think I need some!

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