Changing your morning routine for the best

Its hard to change a routine you’ve been used to since well, forever. And its usually not until its essential that you have to change it, when you realize its a lot harder than you think – Doh! 

So after some super early starts of 5:30am compared to the uni wake up of midday, and only returning home at a later 7pm, my body clock took a little battering, but thanks to a couple of these tips, its been made a little easier.

I hope they help!

Get your 6hours sleep!!

I cannot stress this enough, but getting your recommended amount of sleep is essential! Especially when having a full day of work ahead of you. Not ideal to be knackered and working!!


You may feel tired, but doing a work out or some exercise can help you sleep better and in the long run, give you more energy. Hit the gym or walk your dog to get those muscles working and energy burning.


Its the most important meal of the day, and when on the run, its easy to forget your early feed, but it can be made easy with over night oats to grab in the morning and go. Guaranteed to keep you full till lunch time, it can really help with the change of your routine.

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Shower the night before

Some people shower in the evening, and some shower the night before. Its all down to personal preference, but when your faced with a early start, nothing is more off-putting than the thought of a shower and blow dry before even contemplating your OTTD! Shower the night before, and follow some wet hair hacks to create beach waves ready when you wake up. You’d probably need more time choosing your outfit anyway, right?

Eat well

I’ve mentioned breakfast, but ensuring you eat healthy every meal, you’re guaranteed to feel better for it, including more energy levels and concentration. There are plenty of easy quick meals for one that are packed with healthy goodness, so don’t worry about them taking too much time.

Follow these simple rules whilst in your new routine, or even a couple of weeks before hand, and you’d be settled into your new hours in no time. You may even feel better than before, days defiantly feel longer for it!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any tips of your own.