How do you deal when you come back from sunshine – my tips and tricks.

How do you deal when you come back from sunshine – my tips and tricks.

There is nothing worse than thinking of the previous week when you were sipping cocktails in some exotic sun.

And thats exactly what I’ve been doing all week whilst sitting at my desk in a stuffy office watching my tan fade. After nearly a week since returning from the Indian Ocean paradise which is Mauritius, I’ve taken it upon myself to no longer mourn my return and embrace it by doing a couple of things to make me glad of my return.

I planned another trip – It didn’t take me long after my return to hit the travel websites and plan my next adventure. Whether you thrive more sun and sea or a little more exploring, planning your next trip away is a great distraction from the paradise you just returned from. My next move is the romantic city of Paris – Hopefully it goes better than my last planned trip there! 

I packed my holiday clothes away – If I want to drag those comfy shorts I lived in around the pool, I’ll have to go into my loft. May seem a little extreme, but it’s not like I’ll need the booty hugging shorts in England now will I. Pack them away out of site and out of mind.

I jumped back into my routine – Jump head first into your work and your routine to quit those post holiday blues. Although the slug back to work was a little tough at first, I feel right back at home and back into the routine, ready to work hard and look forward to upcoming things.

I stopped looking at holiday snaps – My Insta was pretty crammed whilst away, and many followers may have grown tedious with the sunshine selfies and poolside point of view with toes included updates, but I now neither feel the need to post more, or even look over those I posted, yet feel I have shared my experiences (and selfies) with the world.

So whether you’ve come or going to somewhere hot and sunny this summer, and dread the return, have no fear, there are always some tips going to get you through the hardship of returning to reality. Just see the return as a oppertunity to plan a new adventure.

How do you cope when coming back from holiday? Got better tips? Let me know, and comment below!

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