Overnight Oats – Recipes to try

Courtesy of pinterest, I have been pretty successful in finding plenty of over night oat recipes to keep me going for numerous weeks. Easy and simple, and great for early mornings, I don’t have to worry about not getting my nutrition, nor my dose of fruit.

So here are some of the recipes I have tried and tested and have made my morning that little bit sweeter.

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Peanut Butter Cookie – If you’re a lover of both peanut butter and cookie, than this recipe is just for you. A great pick me up, and is so delish, you wouldn’t even know its packed with protein and super healthy!

Cocoa Banana – This is my absolute favorite, so easy simple and tastes soo good!!You don’t even have to have specific ingredients, chances are you already have everything you need.

Mango and Banana – Two of my favorite fruits combined in a breakfast feast, and its works perfectly. The blend is amazing and truly refreshing on a bright summers morning. Its a must try!

These 3 favorite over night oats are what keep me sane on my train journey in the morning, so give them a try!! If you’re not soo keen on the idea, check me out on pinterest to find some more amazing recipes that are bound to get your taste buds tingling!

Let me know what you think, have you got a better recipe? Let me know and comment below!