Childhood nostalgia

Childhood nostalgia

Hey all,
As of recently I have been filled with Nostalgia as I reminisce on the easy days of being a child. Whilst you’re there it doesn’t feel that great, but as my parents always told me, they are the best days. Its fairly common to stumble along odd lists of ‘true 90s kids’ and ‘remember this..’ posts, but not one I find seems to capture literally everything I had in my childhood in a single post or list. So here I have, everything I consider my childhood, in a single post. It’s mostly for my own convenience, but hey, im sure this wasn’t just my childhood! 

How many can you remember?

I’m sure I have missed some pretty obvious childhood films, and I’ll probably be doing another ‘updated’ version soon as I kick myself I didn’t remember some of the classics, but I guess its a start. Have I missed some fairly obvious ones? Comment below and i’ll be sure to put them in the next installments. 
p.s – I think I like doing collages too much! 

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