I got it from my mumma – what my parents taught me

I got it from my mumma – what my parents taught me
Happy Mondayyyyyyy – if there ever could be a happy one! Its 7:15am and I’m pretty chuffed with myself, because today, I was awarded a degree!!! 
All the hard work of 3 years has taught me I can achieve anything, but above all, what my parents have taught me (hint the post title). Whilst there will be plenty of posts following this, sharing my wise words of wisdom on how to cope at uni blah blah blah,  I thought I better start on some of the wisdom shared to me, by my wonderful parents. 

All we ask is you try your best’  
Through school, college and uni, It was the motto when exams and deadlines came around, and honestly its the best policy. There have been plenty of times I haven’t done my best, but when I have, I am never dissapointed because I know there was nothing else I could do. 
‘You want it, you earn it’
Too many people forget that most earn what they have, and this has always been my train of thought. 
If I want something I don’t need, I have always been encouraged to go and get it myself, and for this I am thankful. My success will be driven to earn enough to gain all I dream in life. 
‘Treat others how you wish to be treated’ 
 Always always always treat others with respect and you can expect the same. Despite some being darn right rude, you can always feel like the bigger and better person if you maintain your kind nature and respect. P.s – nothing annoys any one more if you keep your cool, whilst they lose their mind. 
‘Nothing is the end of the world
Nothing is the end of the world. I didn’t get a first for my degree, I haven’t become a top journalist, I didn’t pass my drivers license first time, I haven’t won the lottery, I didn’t even pass history GCSE, but I am here, alive and kicking. It might seem like the end of the world now, but It really isn’t. Failed at a particular route, get up and find another. 
‘You will have failure – but its part of the success’ 
Touching on the previous, but its always made me prepare for the worst, and expect nothing less than failure. You can get numbed when everything seems to go well, and when it goes wrong its 20x worse. Applying for jobs, relaying results and finding success has its failures, but I know its all part of my journey to success.
‘Don’t give up’ 
Everyone says this, but most of all, my parents did when I was ready to give up and sulk.  I am where I am because my parents convinced me otherwise to not give up on what I wanted, and I don’t know where I would be if I had. 
Despite feeling slightly deflated of my degree grade, I know, it’s not the end of the worl, this is just one of many ‘failures’ if you call it that, and the reality is, I should never give up! 
What have you learnt from your parents? Are there any life lessons you think I should add to my list? Let me know and comment below! 

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