Keep cool this summer!

The hot weather seems to have turned much of the UK into mush and meltdown. Trains are a no go, and motorways are overheating.

Whilst it’s argued the best of the hot weather has been and gone, I still find myself sweltering and gagging for that iced coffee. So I’ve put together some sure fire summer treats that are bound to keep you extra cool this summer.

I hope you enjoy!!

  • Iced coffee – Its a must on the way to work to both ensure coolness and your caffine fix. Use your coffee maker or just your good old kettle, and blitz with some ice and milk to create the best kind of iced coffee straight from home! 
  • Frozen fruit – I love fruit over the summer, but its even better when its frozen. Stick your favourite fruit in the freezer the night before to have a perfect cooler the next morning. My favourite frozen is grapes. 
  • Milkshakes / smoothies – Its a little obvious but both are super tasty and refreshing on a summer day, and even better with fresh fruit and almond milk to be super healthy too. 
  • Orange juice ice lollies – Nothing is so simple and refreshing than a orange juice ice lolly. If you’re not feeling a health kick, try lemonade for a sugar rush. 

Do you have any other treats that can keep you cool in the heat? Let me know and comment below!