Wake up Refreshed – How to!

Waking up is a hard task, some would argue (including myself) it’s the hardest task of the day. The bed is warm, you’re all cosy, you have your nest egg. The only thing calling you out is the full fact you need to go to work to earn that money, or this place won’t exsist anymore.

Horrible isn’t it!!

Needless to say, it maybe the hardest task, but It can be made a little bit easier with some of these small tips, sure to make you’re morning routine.
Leave you’re phone alone before going to bed 

Its been proven that being heavily active on your phone whilst in bed, it makes it harder to drift off into a natural sleep. Steer clear of the mobile devices and bright screens before bed time and stick to dim lighting and books. Sure to enable you drift off peacefully.

Go to bed at a reasonable time

This is a mumsy line, but truth be told, going to bed a reasonable time does help sleeping as well as waking up that little easier. Get your recommended 7 hours of sleep can really make a world of difference.

Multiple alarms

Have a couple go off before you have to get up. Before you know it, you’re more prepared and awake to get up than ever before – well kinda!

A little bit of music

There is nothing better than some dance music in the morning to get you up and going for your day. Personal favorite of mine are Disclosure Flume.


I do preach it alot, but honestly breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast oats, cereal or even toast will do the job and give you that extra spring in your step.

Do you have any tips and tricks to make sure you’ve woken up refreshed and ready to start your day? Start some natter below!