Living with others; What I learnt

As my degree came to an end, and my house keys have been handed over,  I’ve started to look over my time at university, moving away from home and living with other people.

You will always hear of horror stories of those who house share, whether it be the people they shared with, or the annoying neighbours next door. Upon refelection, I seem to have had my fair share of both, lol. So here are some things to bear in mind if you’re moving in with friends, or starting a house share for your time at university. Beware, you might not have even thought of some of these!

It’s one thing being friends, its another living together! 

Having lived in both halls of residence and private housing, there really isn’t much to go on when thinking of who to live with whilst studying. My choice was made easy at the end of my first year, with all us girls clubbing together to find a house. But friendships really come under pressure when living together, think wisely when who to live with!

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What you consider mess, might not be to others.

Remember, everyone has different living habbits, and different tendancy’s to mess and dirt. Mine is not as strong as others by my understanding of the last couple of years. What you consider mess and dirt may not be to others. 

Don’t chuck any food thats not your own 

It’s always awkward if you’ve chucked away mouldy gone off food, but it’s not recieved well. If its mouldy, don’t chuck it, just make the owner well aware. Better than answering the ‘where is my…’ question.

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Be prepared to find your foods been eaten 

When housesharing, its inevitable to have a mix up with common food like baked beans and tuna, and equally annoying when you had your heart set on beans on toast. 

Milk runs out, fast. So do teabags actually! 

It’s pretty regualr to go to make a cup of tea and you’ve either run out of milk, or tea bags for that matter. Be prepared for pj runs to the shop if you’re that desperate for you morning tea!

Tumbledryers and Dishwashers are the dream 

Student life, unfortunatley doesn’t usually include tumbledryer nor dishwashers, so prepare for clothes drying and dishes unwashed for days.

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There is never clean cutlery in the draw

Despite washing up being done, its never put back in the drawer, or its used before it has the chance. Its not uncommon either to wash things up before you eat, the dinner needed time to cool I guess. 

Mutual cleaning is hard to organise  

When its messy its messy and its not all of your own, hell it might not be any of yours, but you know it needs to be done, and its going to take more than one pair of hands to sort it. It takes more than a little organisation to sort it.

Timing cooking is essential

When living with 4 other girls with a small kitchen, it had to become timed when too cook. Too many cooks in the kitchen just became not only messy, but stressful. Be prepared to eat late so you can cook in space!

Showering is in shifts

Much like cooking, its all in shifts. Teeth brushing, hair washing, weeing and showering is all in shifts. If you leave that bathroom because you’ve forgot something, chances are someone else is already in there!

Never had so much post….for bills!

 I’ve never recieved so much post and its all bills bills bills. How exciting that British Gas is my biggest fan?!

If you can hear your neighbours, they can hear you!

I have had endless evenings hearing the guy next door make love to his girlfriend, I’ve heard domestic arguments after a night out, singing, gossiping and flute practice. Apart from being pretty annoying as well as hilarious, just remember they can probably hear you when you’re singing along to Taylor Swift whilst preparing for a night out. 

But best of all, your best friend lives with you, and thats amazing. 

There are ups and downs of living with friends, but the best bit is them living with you. Since leaving university, the worst bit is, there isn’t some one awake with you, there isn’t someone there to gossip with when you can’t sleep, getting ready together is super easy; you just move into their room for the evening. Nights out don’t end when you go home, they continue, then there’s the group shopping trips, pamper nights, morning gossips in bed, afternoon naps, re-runs of desperate housewives and gossip girl and so so so much more.

So if you’re moving in with friends because of uni or just because you can, there will always be some good and bad points, but it really is the best experience. Just remember

Are you going to uni? Have you just come back? Let me know and comment below.