Balancing your Friendship & Relationship

Relationships and friendships are hardddddddddd. Its even harder balancing the books and keeping your friends and other half happy.
There is nothing worse then being branded with the:  ‘you’re always with your boyfriend’, and its even worse when your boyfriend ‘never sees you’ because you’re always with your girls.

I’d be lying if I said its easy to strike the right balance, but once you do, everything works wonders.

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Firstly : make time for yourself!

Its easy to forget about yourself when you are so busy worrying about everyone else, so take some time, whether that be running a bath, reading a book, catching up on your latest tv series or even having a nap. Keeping up to date with you is vital to maintain other healthy relationships.

Secondly : make date nights

I swear by date nights. They are a great way to make a night for just you and your man. Go to your favorite restaurant, see the film you’ve been dying to see or to keep it within budget, cook a romantic meal and snuggle on the sofa. Keep phones at bay and make time for just each other.

Thirdly : girlie evenings on the regular

Just like date nights, make a evening for just you and your girls. Gossip, catch up and do all things girly. Nights out and drinks can make a perfect getaway for you and your girls. and keep phones and boyfriends out of it.

Fourthly : don’t be afraid to mix friends and boyfriend

Some couples will go out together and some don’t. Every couple is different and would rather not mix friends and boyfriend. But don’t be afraid to mix your two circles. If you want to feel more comfortable with your relationships, mix and mingle your friends, boyfriend and his friends. It can be a easy way to kill two birds with one stone, and make your friends more understanding and accepting of your relationship.

Remember: If he’s kicking off when you spend time with friends, make him realize this is time for him to spend time with his fiends and family. If your boyfriend is spending too much time with his friends and not you, the balance isn’t there – maybe he doesn’t have his priorities right? I believe your true friends aren’t the ones you have to see every day, and will still maintain a good friend. If yours demand too much time and don’t support your relationship – maybe they’re not true friends.

Remain: Truthful. Tell your other half and friends you are trying and they should be supportive and helpful in helping you strike the best balance for them as well as yourself.

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