Multi-tasking in the gym

Multi-tasking in the gym

Some would say I am the ultimate multi-tasking queen.

Everything I do revolves around making the best of my time. In the bath I am answering emails, whilst eating dinner I am checking over finances, watching TV and I am catching up on social media.

In this current fast paced world, it seems like everyone has the mindset of fitting the most in their day.

So when it comes to a work out, I hate the idea of just working out. Now, I’m probably going to get a load of fitness nerds tell me I’m not applying enough effort into my fitness routine, but the truth is, I only want to work out when I can multi-task too!

So with this in mind, and in my sure style, I’ve compiled a list of things I tend to get ‘done’ whilst working my booty!

Catching up on my latest Netflix binge 

Its fairly obvious isn’t it? Ipad resting on the treadmill, headphones in an Orphan Black distracting me from running – perfect!

Play some of my favourite ipad games, including SimCity 

I love games, so whenever I can I am tapping away perfecting my city or creating more ‘abodes’ on Godus. Again, its the prefect distraction.

Blog blog blog 

I always have ideas floating around of new post ideas ect, and sometimes when I’m peddling away, its the perfect time to draft a couple. If not, I’m catching up on some of my favourites to gather inspiration.

Edit my pictures 

Its either my latest selfie, landscape of blog picture I’m editing away, sometimes I just don’t have time to do it anywhere else.

Listen to my favourite book 

I LOVE reading, but sometimes I’m lazy and I want it read to me, so of course audible books are perfect when holding a book is just not viable, or your eyes are just lazy, like mine!

There are soooo many things you can do whilst working out, and I find it pretty distracting from something I can find rather tedious at the best of the times!

What do you think? 
Do you distract yourself when you’re in the gym? 
Let me know and comment below!!

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