Paris Photo Diary

Paris Photo Diary
I have been crushing over Paris for god knows how long, so when it
finally came to boarding the Eurostar to explore a city I’d heard so
much about, excitement doesn’t even cover how I felt, so I thought I’d share some pictures with you guys. 

 Staying in the Guar de nord area, just a few steps from the station was
ideal, but not as exotic as a hotel you’d find over looking the streets
of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

 That being said, the hotel was gorgeous and a perfect stop over for days
and nights in the city. Being in the most romantic city with my best
friend who also turns out to be my boyfriend led to romantic walks along
the Seine, sipping champagne up the eiffel tower and scoffing macaroons
by the Louve. All in all, having been to my fair share of cities, I
find it strange the little gem of Paris is now my favourite city of all

The artitecture is absolutly stunning with something to look at with every turn. We managed to do everything we wanted to and more in the short few days we were there, including a hop on and hop off bus which got us everywhere! We dined in restraunts, as well as fast food joints, ate plenty of macaroons, climbed the eiffel tower, over looked Paris and strolled round the gorgeous streets. It was the most magical city I have been too, I am gutted to be back.

Have you been to Paris? What did you think? What should be my next venture? Let me know and comment below!

P.s: sorry for being off radar, my instagram will explain, with the huge amount of paris pictures and wonderous wedding pictures.

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