Preparing for a short break in a city – Paris

Preparing for a short break in a city – Paris

Its not long now till I venture the gorgeous city of Paris. It’s been a place I have wanted to visit since, forever, so I am so excited that this summer I will get to explore the streets of what I have heard is a beautiful city.

Whilst macaroons, the Eiffel Tower and Sephoria await, I thought why not post some helpful tips on what to pack for that summer city break.
I’ve been on my fair few, including Boston, New York, San fransisco and LA, but its safe to say this one is going to be a little different. With under a week to go, Im already preparing myself and setting aside some ammenities.

City weekend

Despite it due to be warm weather, you can’t go wrong with a pair of skinnys and crop top, and day time dresses are always a good idea and easy to turn into a evening attire.

What do you think? What shall I pack for this amazing trip? Have I missed something vital? Let me know and comment below!

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