Stop the Snacking

Its a big problem a lot of us face, and I am a main culprit of snacking on absolutely everything I can get my hands on. Whilst I am on this clean eating malarkey (which is proving a lot more difficult than I ever anticipated) I have been trying some sneaky, all be it rather cleaver tricks to stop myself snacking!

So, stick around and make notes on how you can stop yourself from snacking.

You eat when you’re bored – don’t be bored

When I’m bored, I find myself wanting food, so instead of curing my sweet tooth I tend to cure my boredom. Find a new Netflix binge, read your magazine you’ve only glanced at, maybe even a book or if you’re feeling really motivated, hit the gym, go for a walk or even a run.

Stop taking snacks out with you

I do this a lot, including a whole double pack of Maryland cookies to work. I would like to say I shared, but of course I didn’t! You can be your own worse enemy, so do yourself a favor and leave the half day snacks at home, where they belong, they’ll only tempt you!

Don’t take money out, unless you need it

Another thing I am terrible at is buying food because I fancy it, rather than need it. Time after time I buy a pastry at the train station on the way home from work, despite being full from lunch, and then proceeding onto a full meal when I get home!! Leaving money at home when you know you don’t need it is the best solution to those coffee runs, or chocolate craves.

Have 3 meals – that’s it.

I don’t think this is a regular occurrence in my lifetime, but sticking to your 3 meals is a obvious, but fairly tricky ideal. Eat 3 substantial meals through the day, and you can cut snacking. Make a meal plan and look forward to a meal rather than a snack! If it helps, make a healthy breakfast the night before, as well as a packed lunch, so you know you won’t be tempted with a meal deal!

Brush your teeth before bed

This is a regular routine for me anyway, but brushing my teeth a little earlier stops me from even thinking about having a quick snack before bed. Once their brushed, I can’t really be asked to do them again!!

If you have to snack, for goddness sake let it be healthy!

There are soooo many better alternatives that can hit that hunger spot. Carrot sticks and hummus is a personal favorite, or toast and peanut butter and banana- mmmm . Fruit are a perfect sugar rush, without the horrific calories and cereal is another favorite to keep me going that has less fat.

Remember : It’s not going to be easy, and you will have off days. Heck I’m eating now after brushing my teeth – opps, but you’ll get there!!

Remain : Focused and determined. Remember why you’re doing it and your goal and im sure you’ll be out of snacking in no time.

Or maybe you have some tips that work for you when you fancy a little something in between meals. I’d love to know, so comment below!