This month I will….

This month I will….

So,  its been an entire month since I last made some goals (subconsciously of course) and I haven’t done a single one. To be honest I don’t know what I have done in the last month, but nothing worth while I don’t think. So whilst I was scouting my usual favourite blogs, I found a fellow blogger doing a simuliar thing, and with that in mind, I thought maybe if I blog about it, I have more hope of actually doing it? (Here’s hoping).

One : Get bloody fit!! 
I don’t have any excuse not to be fit! I have a gym at home, bike in shed, pool down the road and im surrounded by countryside and beach walks. So why am I not fit? I can’t be asked, plain and simple. This month I vow to be abit more motivated to get that slim figure and toned tummy. Maybe a peachy bum? Hmmmm.

Two : Cut the Mcdonalds
If you know me, you know Mcdonalds is almost a weekly thing for me, and sometimes thats with a occasional KFC later on in the week too. It was only last night I was in the drive thru ordering my usual big mac. I am ashamed, and in order to get that victoria secret figure, mcdonalds can not be a usual. I will miss you!

Three : Sleep better 
I used to have such a good sleep routine, and as of recently thats kinda gone to pot thanks to recent netflix updates and my usual urge to finish an entire series in one night. I need to get back to my better sleep routine and stick to watching my series whilst on the treadmil!

Four : Wear better clothes
This may seem a little strange, but I have been so lazy recently when it comes to my style, so when my nice pay cheque comes through this month I vow to buy some bloody decent clothes and stop looking such a sloth. I need to look my best for Paris of course. Maybe some outfit posts?

Now, whilst I have bid this is the month I will buckle down and get some of these objectives under way, im not holding my breath, I know my will power! Anyone have any advice to get that going too?
Have you been putting off some of your objectives in the last month? Maybe you’ve been more successful than me? Let me know and comment below!

p.s can you believe we are in august? soon it will be christmas…..ekkkkkk.

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