What girls don’t want you to know!

What girls don’t want you to know!

We all know we do things that, if we told men about, it would ruin our credibility on our womanly status. Truth be told we girls aren’t as girly as men think 100% of the time, neither are we as innocent!

I’ll digest a little further….

  • We don’t shave our legs as much as we should, but hey its okay, we’re the only ones who feel them, most of the time….
  • We all have a rough idea of our wedding, and yes, we have a wedding board on pinterest, its not crazy, its organised.
  • It really isn’t unusual if we change outfits several times before leaving the house, and we often go for the outfit we tried on first – we like to know we have options.
  • We do get annoyed  if we wear a new outfit out and there are no pictures taken, it feels wasted. 
  • We don’t share chocolate, ever! But we will help you eat yours.
  • We have the same top, in ever possible colour. 
  • We would go out without a bra all day every day, if it was socially acceptable.
  • Some times we wouldn’t mind a night in front of the TV with a beer – why does that have to be a guy thing? 
  • Sleepovers do not consist of pillow fights in our underwear, its really us, make-up free in face masks and old pjs watching tacky girly films – sorry to burst your bubble lads.
  • We don’t wash our hair every day, its healthier not too, trust me. 
  • Thongs aren’t always our favourite underwear, sometimes they’re not as comfortable as you think and truth be told, grandma pants are way comfier. 
  • We have over 15 bras, but wear either the one most comfy, or another that makes our boobs look twice the size. 
  • We don’t always sleep naked, its not always comfortable and sometimes rather inconvenient for late night toilet runs. 
  • Cuddling and falling asleep is not ideal, nor comfy, we like our space too!
  • We have all pretended to like something just for a guy, sometimes its been football, other times its been playing games. 
  • When we wake up with yesterday’s make up on, we just add another layer – sorry skin. 
  • We are good at stalking, particularly other girls, and your boyfriends ex’s. 

What do you think? 

Do you have any more that most girls do but are reluctant to admit to? 

Let me know and comment below. 

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