My advice to all freshers

My advice to all freshers

It’s quickly approaching the start of the university term, and for many, including some of my friends and family members, its the major leap into real adult life.

Whilst the prospect of moving away from home is exciting, its also terrifying all at the same time!
But don’t fear, if you’re about to start your new exciting adventure into university, I’ve got some tips that will save money, keep you at ease and make the start of student life a little less stress free!

  • Have a spare phone : I have gone through countless amount of phones either because I smashed it drunk, dropped it or had it, unfortunately stolen during a night out. Buy a inexpensive phone when you know its going to be a messy night. Whilst there wont be plenty of selfies, at least your iPhone will be safer at home! 
  • Hide your cutlery : This only really applies if you’re in halls of residence, as its pretty common for others to use your stuff rather than clean your won. Hide it well to make sure you don’t have to do double washing up! 
  • Take plenty of layers! : Its a good thing its a fashion thing as well as a good way to keep warm. Heating is a luxury when living as a uni student, so make sure you take plenty of hoodies and fluffy socks to stop the urge of spending on heating! 
  • Lambrini can and will get you tipsy : Gone are the days of expensive vodka and rum, and hello Sainsburys basic vodka and lambrini. Make sure you’re tastebuds are ready for cheap alcohol that will get you tipsy and quick; its all about getting drunk on the cheap now! 
  • When mum takes you shopping, don’t be polite: You have to buy your food now, so when your mum suggests she takes you shopping, rinse her and buy all brands and everything! Tesco value is for when you’re buying! 
  • Make your room homely : Its a vital part to stop that homesick feeling! Cushions, blankets and candles are perfect! Why not check out my packing for univeristy post that has all the essentials. 
  • Get Netflix : If you dont have it, get it! Despite being told you have a lot to do, you always have time for a new movie or tv show. It was a life saver after a hang over, or to procrastinate! 

For now, they are the most important things to try and remember when starting uni. Keep an open mind, keep sociable and ultimately, enjoy yourself. University was some of the best times of my life, enjoy the time you can!

Have you been to university? 
Do you have any good advice? 
Let me know, and comment below!

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