Pinch punch its the first of the month – September

Pinch punch its the first of the month – September

I can’t believe its another month, and its September – how quick this year is flying by!
Although September marks the start of autumn, winter and ultimately, colder months, I am excited to start to wrap up,wear plenty of layers and darker shades of lipsticks!

On a personal aspect, I am currently unemployed after a 12 week stint at a media company in London, that started straight after my degree. After commuting over 4hours a day, having some well needed time off since leaving uni has been a luxury, however this can’t last long! Applying for anything and everything will hopefully pay off soon – I can’t lack funds for much longer.

September also means the start of a new academic year, and for once in my life, that doesn’t concern me. For someone who moaned the last six months of their degree, I am pretty thankful I no longer have to shop of university essentials, neither think of the upcoming challenges of a new teaching year!

And finally, its the best time of year to watch horrors and start a new series. I’m thinking of horror classis and starting Pretty Little Liars!

On the blog front, expect lots of university related posts, leading up to my late graduation in November, and lots of autumn style posts, including the layered look I expect to rinse this season!

What are you looking forward to this Autumn? Maybe you’re dreading September? Let me know and comment below.

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