20 nights of horror movies

20 nights of horror movies

There are officially 20 nights (including Halloween night) to watch some of the best horrors, and since they’re my favourite kind of films, I thought it no better than to list some of my favourite horrors to get you in the Halloween mood.
There is nothing better on the lead up to halloween, than watching countless horror and gorey films to get you in the scary mood. Teamed with buckets of popcorn, chocolate and plenty of blankets and you’ve got a perfect set up for a movie night!

So if you’re in need for some inspiration on what to watch this halloween season, then I might be able to give you some ideas.

The Classics : 
Pyscho, The Exorcist , Texas Chainsaw Massacre , Nightmare On Elm Street , The Evil Dead , Poltergeist , The Omen , The Shining , Alien and Carrie. 

Its argued the classics are the best, and they are, in certain aspects. Turning heads, shower deaths a man with knives for fingers! All original, and all bound to get your spin tingling and covering your face with your blanket!

90s / 00’s favourites : 
Blair witch project , Silence of the Lambs , Misery , Scream , The Ring , The Descent , 28 days later , REC , Cabin Fever , Orphan , Cloverfield , The Others , Jeepers Creepers ,  The Strangers , The Last house on the left , The wrong turn , Amityville Horror , The Exorcism of Emily Rose , House of wax , The grudge , Eden Lake , The Skeleton Key , Sorority Row , Vacancy and Wolf Creek. 

This is my favourite time of horrors. Despite only being fairly young when half, well most , of these came out, I have been trying to catch up on some of the horror gems. I think I’ve done fairly well. Not many ghost ridden stories here, more like freaky people prepared to kill. I think ghosts are overated anyway!

Modern : 
The Loved Ones , The Conjuring , Drag me to Hell , The Babadook , Incidious , Housebound , Paranormal Activity , Sinister , The Purge, The women in Black , Annabelle , Mama , The Crazies , VHS  , The house at the end of the street , Stepfather , The Possession , The Pact , Unfriended , The Visit and The last Exorcism. 

Recent movies have really started to step up their game, and it’s made me love horror movies even more so. The stories keep getting better, the scary stuff scarier and the music, well I have to mute it sometimes. Anyways, you can’t go wrong with a modern horror this halloween.

Gore : 
Saw , Hostel , Final destination , Would you rather , The Hills have Eyes and Seven.

I love abit of gore, and some of these are just plastered in it. You can’t go wrong with the Saw sequals, neither the Hostel ones. Once you’ve watched someone cut their eye open, you can watch anything right?

Foreign : 
Let the right one in , The orphanage and Martyrs. 

I haven’t watched many in the foreign horror film department, but those I have are bloody freaky. If you think reading subtitles would distract away from anything scary, I can assure you it doesn’t!!

On the funny side : 
Shaun of the dead , Zombie Land , Cabin in the Woods , Scary Movie , Evil Dead 2 , Warm bodies , Tucker and Dale vs Evil, The Addams Family and Little shop of horrors. 
If you’re not so keen on being scared then its probably best for you to stick to some of the funny ones. You can’t gurantee there won’t be some gore, nor a little bit of suspense. They are bloody hilarious though! 
So there it is, a list of most of the horror films I’ve seen over the years. Whether you’re looking to watch a classic, new horror or a 90’s favourite, there is plenty to choose from this horror season. I think I’m going to try and watch some classics this Halloween. 
What films have you watched? What do you usually watch around Halloween time? Are you a horror person? Let me know an comment below.

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