Bedroom inspiration

Bedroom inspiration

As of lately, I have been thinking of my bedroom style and how it can be improved. If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you’ll realise I have been posting ALOT of interior inspiration. I believe everything can be improved on, and when you don’t think it can anymore, revisit in a couple of weeks, I’m sure you’ll find something to improve on.

Anyways, it is coming into the winter season, and nothing is more important in the colder months than a good cosy bedroom. Subtle lighting, candles, soft furnishings, warm colours and plenty of candles to set the mood and scent!

With that in mind, I have thrown together some of my favourite styles this season that you can adpat into your bedroom or living space.

Adding layers of bedding and cushions and autumnal colours into your space can create a warmer, more seasonal feel.
Greys and whites can be used to create a more wintery feel, and the use of knitted bedding can add particular textures to your space.
Using candles are a great way to create moody lighting, as well as the scent of winter. Current candle favourites are yankee’s christmas wreath and vanilla cake frosting!

This season seems to have taken a particular fancy to the stag heads and flannel print, and I must say I love it!! Red feels particularly wintery, especially with added browns and dark shades.
Its got to be one of my favourite home styles that I can easily incorporate into my room this season.

What do you think? Are you going to try and bring in winter style to your space? Maybe theres a better style I’ve missed? Let me know and comment below.

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