Halloween : Alternative things to do

Halloween : Alternative things to do

If I am honest, I have never been the biggest fan of Halloween. At a younger age, Trick or Treating was rather boring near me and would only last an hour. People were stingy in their sweet giving, and many people didn’t even have a pumpkin. If you didn’t already know, not many people are big on Halloween here in the UK.

Since I have got older, I have grown and grown to love Halloween and everything it entails, besides dressing up or getting drunk (although that is great!). So if you’re a little out of the spooky spirit, or struggling to know what to do, I have put together all the other spooky yet exciting things you can do this year, to make the most of Halloween!

  • Halloween themed dinner party – Dress up if you like and drink plenty of blood looking drinks.
  • Horror movie marathon  – Scream, Saw, The Sixth Sense ect. Or check out my Halloween movie post.
  • Halloween related movie marathon – for those of you that can’t handle the scares and thrills!
  • Camp in the garden with a bunch of friends – It might be abit nippy, but atleast you can go back inside if it gets too much. Why not eat plenty of snacks and tell spooky stories to really make it Halloween like?
  • Spooky stories and sweets – Plenty of candles and low lighting to set the mood. There are plenty of spooky stories here
  • Baking – Halloween themed.
  • Carve pumpkins – see my post on some of my favourite halloween carvings and decorations
  • Go on a ghost walk – There are plenty of local places which hold ghost walks and spooky experiences. 
  • Manhunt, in the dark – Its one of my favourite games, and can be super scary this time of year. Spice it up with fancy dress, and even go to a spooky location like a local woodland. 
  • Pumpkin scavanger hunt – Hide pumpkins in any location and disperse to search. Chooses your prizes, and even spice up with hidden scares and costumes. Add torches if at moonlight! 

With all these alternative Halloween ideas, there is no reason to find yourself without any plans this year! So if you’re bored of the usual, and want to start a new Halloween tradition, try one of these and spice up your Halloween.

What will you be doing this Halloween? Have any of these ideas caught your eye? Maybe you have your own ideas? I’d love to know, so comment below.

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