Can you believe it is already here, and we will be stepping into November tomorrow?! Crazyyyyyyyy. Its the spookiest night of the year, and the best reason to dress up, so I hope you have your costumes at the ready. Whether you’re having a small gathering, snuggling to watch horror movies, braving the cold for trick or treating, carving pumkins, baking cakes, holding a party or hitting the town for a night out, I hope you all have the cracking time.

If you have nothing planned, why not check my post on all the alternate things you can do this year, including family friendly, and cheap alternatives to a super spooky Halloween.

If you’re staying in and carving / decorating pumpkins, I posted all my favourite inspirations here , so why not have a look and see what you can do with yours!

I myself, am having a super relaxing night in, with a bottle of wine and pumpkins glowing. I’ll possibly bake some cakes to pig out tonight too! Not sure what horror will be showing, but I’m sure it will be a gory one from my 20 nights of horrors list!

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween, don’t get too scared!!

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