Ideal meal : A taste of italy

Ideal meal : A taste of italy

As I said in a recent post, I plan to do a little more blogging about food. Of course everyone loves it, but I have become a litle more of a chef lately. I have always loved cooking much more than baking, and more recently I have been trying different recipes and cuisines, and started to have ‘themed’ evenings.

I love having different kinds of food and think its important to keep a little variety in your weekly menus. Maybe your struggling for a little inspiration? I did, and I wish I had found something as helpful as a ideal meal to spruce up my weekly dinners and weekend dinner nights.

As a new series on my blog, and to pursue a little more food posts, I thought I’d start posting some of my ideal meals. I don’t expect people to have 3 course meals every day of the week, but maybe as a date night at home, it could be a ideal oppertunity to test you home made skills.

Italian food is usually stated as pizza and pasta. Everyone loves either or both and can be a great meal to suit the masses. Everyone in my family loves abit of pasta and this is one of mine, and families favourite.

There are loads of recipes and different concoctions of Bruschetta which is what makes it so versatile. Classic bruschetta tends to have home made salsa and mozzarella, but can range from cheesy mushrooms to chicken and tomatoe. So easy to make, and lovely even for lunch or a snack.

Tagliatelle is my favourite kind of pasta, and I prefer it much more then spaghetti; it feels more like pasta! Chicken is my favourite meat with italian food, and its simply not italian with a bit of sundried tomatoe. Creamy, this is one of my favourite pasta dishes! 
I’ve only ever made this once, and really should again, because its a lot easier than I thought. I love coffee and I love sponge so this is a no brainer for me. Its my creamy dreamy desert! 
So there we have it. My ideal meal italian style. What do you think? Will you be having a italian night any time soon? Let me know and comment below. 

P.s – click on the headers for recipes! 

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