My favourite TV shows

My favourite TV shows

If you know me, you know I binge on TV shows alot! And whilst some people ask me if I’ve watched this and that, its not often I say I haven’t. Whether it be your run of the mill american comedy, historical drama or even crime series, there isn’t much I turn my nose up to when it comes to TV shows.

I see so many tweets day to day of fellow bloggers asking what to watch next, so I thought I’d help some of you out, with a few of my favourite tv shows, that I binged on till I was up to date!

Comedies : Friends, New Girl , Big Bang Theory.

Every one needs a good pick me up, and whats better than a good old comedy. Whilst Friends isn’t the newest comedy on the block, its the best, with some more recents second favourites. I love the characters in New Girl ; Jess is so eccentric, Nick is a old man and Schmit, well I just want my own!
Big Bang, is again another comedy series that is only good because of the characters.

Drama : Game of Thrones , American Horror Story , Orphan Black , Homeland.

All different from each other, but all had me on the edge of my seat, several times throughout each series.
I have been a avid fan of both Game of thrones and American Horror story since it hit our tv screens.

Game of Thrones, a fantasy drama with dragons, white walkers and witches. Bucket loads of gore, its not for the faint-harded. Sounds like a big mash up, but truth is, it works, of course it does, its one of the most watched tv shows!

American Horror Story really taps into my love for horror and its a tv series like no other. Same cast different storyline / plot every season. Again containing a little witchcraft and sci-fi,plus there is plenty of gore and creepiness.

Teen Drama : Gossip Girl , Pretty Little Liars , Awkward.

Despite not being a teen any longer, I am a lover of american teen dramas. Having watched Gossip Girl when I was 15, I fell in love with the Upper east side lifestyle, as well as many of the characters. So it was no surprise I fell in love with Pretty Little Liars just as much!!

Crime : Luther ,  Sherlock , True Detective , The Fall.

Hmm dunno if its all crime based drama, but there are a lot of detectives in those pictures! I love a good crime drama, and these all are brilliant, with dirty police offers, seedy crimes, murders and sometimes pretty frightening events. This taps into my love for thrillers and those alike.

Mini – series : The C-word ,  Black work , The syndicate, Dr Foster.

I love mini series, but hate how short they can be! Again the BBC and ITV do a brilliant job when it comes to the short dramas, and the latest hit ; Dr Foster was another success. Shorts are perfect if you don’t want to indulge into a 25 episode , six seasons long show.

What I couldn’t get into / stopped watching :
Like I said, there isn’t much I don’t watch or try to get into, but there are some real popular series that I just couldn’t watch for much longer. I thought, since I’ve told you the ones I love, why not the ones I just can’t feel the hype.

The walking dead : I got to season 4 and I had enough. I’ve heard its taken a turn, and for the better, but I’m not so sure.
Breaking Bad : Again, really couldn’t see the hype. I managed 2 series and got bored, enough so I skipped out on it and stuck on something else, desperate housewives.

So there it is, my favourite TV shows. So whether I need something on in the background whilst blogging, or something to watch before bed, I have plenty of shows that can fill the time. Sometimes a film just wont do!

What are your favourite shows? Am I missing something major? Let me know, and comment below. x

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