My go to foundations

My go to foundations

 I have been rather slack on the beauty front, and to be honest, I haven’t really done much reviewing of products myself, however, since having done a few make-up reviews in the past, and reading plenty over the years, I thought I’d give my humble opinion on some products I have used over and over again.

It wasn’t until I went to university and befriended some beauty gurus, that I started to learn a little bit more about make-up then natural collection!!

So foundations. What I call the most important part of make-up, ofcourse, but a little troublesome, depending on your skin.
I have had numerous problems with mine since my early teens. Overly sensitive, oily, dry in the winter and spot prone. Eager to cover it up I have tried plenty of brands and collections of foundations, and have finally settled for a great stash of go to foundations for whatever occasion, look or mood!

These are in no sort of order, because depending on my mood and what kind of day I will be having, all depends on what foundation I’d wear.

Este Lauder – Double wear : Its my ultimate go to foundation if Im off out for a evening, or have a long day ahead of me. I like my foundation to have high coverage, and this is perfect, covering my terrible complexion, and the odd spots. Its branded the stay in place foundation, and it certainly does that! I have it in two shades and often mix the two to get a perfect match whether I’m wearing fake tan or not. A little on the expensive side, but It’s deifinatly worth it. It makes me look flawless for day and night and I love it!

Max Factor – Face Infinity : This is a foundation I grab just before work, and I don’t want to use my more expensive foundation. It’s a 3in1, holding like a primer and has the correction of a concealer, plus a long lasting finish. Having used this before I tried Double wear, its still one of my absolute favourites when it comes to foundation. It wears well all day, and gives me the flawless finish like double wear. The coverage isn’t as good as double wear, but for day to day use, Its perfect, and can still offer a more natural look.

L’Oreal – True match & Infaliable : Funnily enough, both of these have since been improved and had their packaging changed, so I’m sure I need to try the new and improved. Having said that, I’m sure they’ve only got better right? Anyways, both these products have been a sure staple in my foundation collection for a while now.  True match does exactly what it says, and is the only foundation I have been happy enough to have in my exact shade. I always seem to go a little darker with my foundations, as I always find what ‘matches’ is simply too pale. True match really is true to my skin and gives me the perfect finish when looking for a more natural ‘I woke up like this’ look. For my combination skin its perfect, and I rarely have to powder my most prone oily areas. The coverage is medium, but can be built up for a more high coverage finish.
 Infaliable has a high coverage and a more matt finish and applies like a dream! I tend to mix this with the Max Factor for the perfect day to day foundation. It creates the perfect base, and covers all those lumps and bumps I want hidden. For when my skin is a little dry, it also hydrates my skin, but can be a little too much in warmer weather, having to tend to my oily patches a little too often.

Collection – Lasting perfection : I’ve heard so many mixed reviews when It comes to this foundation. But I love it as much as their concealer. It doesn’t have the highest coverage, but with that in mind, I love it when I don’t want too much on my face, but wanting to hide the worst of my blemishes. Its perfect for the gym or a early wake up and doesn’t look like I’ve applied much to my face at all.

So for whatever mood, look or occasion, I can often find a foundation to match. Maybe you think I should try something new? Is there a foundation missing from my go to collection? I’d love to know, so comment below.

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