Dreamy office spaces

Dreamy office spaces

 I haven’t had a ‘office’ space in years, party because my laptop can happily sit on my lap whilst I watch Pretty Little Liars on the tv. Having said that, and with the purchase of a recent white desk, I have been contemplating making it a gorgeous office space. I have been in awe at some of the gorgeous spaces people have been creating and its got me in the mood to create my own.

Gorgeous art work, bold picture frames and cute organisation is what makes all these desk spaces so dreamy! I am a avid organiser and love having my living spaces organised and tidy so these all tap into my love for organisation.

Whilst I’m not so sure I can give up on my cosy make up station, when I move into my own place, I’m sure I will find some space for a dreamy office area like one of these.

What do you think? Do you have a office space, or does yours need a revamp? Let me know and comment below.

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