I Bloody Graduated.
I cannot believe I got this far.

Over the last 3 years I thought about throwing in the towel so many times. The late nights slaving over a essay, cold mornings filming some footage for a news bulletin, emailing everyone you can just for a interview and watching the news over and over trying to find some inspiration for a news package idea. Oh the woes of a journalism student ay!

But I got there, and with only a couple of grey hairs!

Going to university was always the goal for me, and even though it wasn’t until the last year of college did I know what I’d be doing there, I knew Id always make it there. So when it came to being there and going ahead with it, I thought I had made a massive mistake, but provailed thinking I didn’t have anything to lose.

Now, 3 years after starting, 5 years after leaving school and 18 years after starting my road of education, I am glad I did it and got this far.

I must say, the weather was awful, and I felt like I looked like a drowned rat! Solent, you need to move your graduation to a month less prone to rain and wind!

But the rain didn’t dampen my spirits and I was so chuffed to be where I was. Yes, I’m pretty sure I look chubby for my offical picture, and I constantly looked at how good everyone else looked vs me, but what you going to do! There was a small feeling of a lot of faff for a 20 second walk onto stage, but that would be me being picky!

Have you graduated? What did you think of the whole experience? Let me know and comment below.

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