Throwback Travel | Disneyland Paris at Christmas

Throwback Travel |  Disneyland Paris at Christmas

If Father Christmas was real, I know exactly what I would like to wake up to this Christmas. I am swiftly getting into the christmas mood, even though its only November. It might be early, but I feel its necessary.

Although im nearing 22, I can’t deny how much I love Disneyland. Recently I have seen fellow bloggers and those alike who are visiting Disneyland in what I consider the best season to experience the magic, and I have been getting overly jealous!

Christmas trees at every turn, fairy lights, fake snow if you’re not lucky enough to experience the real stuff, christmas parades, decorations and anything else christmasssy to get you even more excited for the christmas season!

Im secretly hoping this blog post will get some wheels in motion for me to experience Disney some time soon? I don’t think I’ll be that lucky, but a girl can dream right?

Have you been to disneyland? Are you going? What gets you in the real christmas spirit? Let me know and comment below.

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