Weekly Roundup #1

Weekly Roundup #1

Hey Lovelies.

What a busy busy first week of November it has been. I have been eagerly, whilst having the time, creating plenty of up coming posts and scheduling all the way up till January (yes I am being greatly organised and trying to keep myself busy). 
So with plenty of posts scheduled, and my blogmas planned and rearing to go, I can safely say I have some pretty exciting posts coming up, so keep your eyes peeled.

Looking over the past week, I would be lying if I said I haven’t had much to do. A lot of content has been posted, and one pretty close to my heart. What do you want from life was a long awaited post, and a pretty personal one. I’ve been toying with what to do with my life for so long I felt it only right to write about how I had been feeling for the last couple of months. Thank you to all of you that commented, it was so lovely to hear im not the only one.

Since that post, just a couple of days ago, I have been offered a job that I believe I will utterly enjoy. To top it off, it seems my Journalism degree will come in handy after all.
So whilst its been pretty hectic blog wise, Its been pretty hectic on the job front too. I’m so glad I no longer need to read over endless amounts of job websites.

Also this week, I’ve been looking over nail and hair inspirations for my upcoming graduation. Having managed to finally find a graduation dress, I’m now moving towards how everything else will look. If you follow me on pinterest, I’m sure you’ll see all my ideas floating around.

Over the next seven days, be prepared to see all things cooking as I introduce one of my families favourite dinners, a brand new outfit, and a little throw back to my favourite place. I also have a very exciting post for the World Kindness Day and a giveaway!!

Its all getting pretty exciting here, so be sure to stick around!

How has you week been? A busy start to the month? I’d love to know, so comment. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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