Alternative things to do this New Years

Alternative things to do this New Years

Unfortunately Christmas is coming to a quick close, and you may have already turned your attention to the next celebration quickly approaching – New Years Eve.

Since my last post of the sort; alternative things for Halloween really got you talking and thinking outside the box, I thought I’d apply the same principle to New Years.
 I have got to the age where if I’m honest I am so over New Years Eve. Alright, its the start of a whole new year but to be frank, I don’t feel like its the biggest thing in the world. If you are similar to me, and searching for a alternative than the usual, mundane house party or going out in your local town, then I have some great ideas that will still get you celebrating.

Revisit old times – I love the idea of looking over the previous year with friends, family and loved ones. Trawl through your Facebook page and print off some the last years highlights. Create a ‘box’ of 2015, and rummage through with your nearest and dearest whilst drinking some wine and watching the countdown on telly. I am sure there will be plenty of stories to tell and much to reminisce.

Classic game night – It can be a small affair again with you nearest and dearest and a great opportunity to give any new games you may have a good playing. Play some music and drink some wine and celebrate the new year with some competition, if you’re one of those.

Netflix and chill – Yes this is a meme, and for many it means more that it says on the tin, but for me it certainly doesn’t. Quiet simply, netflix and chill! Some times new years eve is just too over the top and so a chilled take on the affair could be everything you need. You know, there is a good selection of movies this time of year also!

You can always do the usual and have friends and family over for a good gathering, laugh and reign in the new year. What are your plans this new years eve? I am snuggling with wine and comfy pjs watching plenty of films and toasting to the new year with my boyfriend. Alot of exciting times are ahead next year.

I hope you all have a good one!

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