Christmas : Some new traditions

Christmas : Some new traditions

Christmas is only 17 days away and I’m getting prepared for my favorite season.

I have been getting so so excited for decorating and been looking for plenty of inspiration to create the ultimate cosy snook, so look out for a decoration inspo post coming up in the next couple of days. So apart from the usual decorating traditions, I hope this year to incorporate some new ones.

Again I have been asking friends and other family members for their usual Christmas shenanigans to see if I can nab and alter any and here are what I have come up with.

Bake plenty. Its a staple for christmas and thats making some home cooked cookies and treats for the home and the family. Over the years I have baked a few odd bits here and there, but this year I really hope to go all out and make some new traditions that will taste good. Im thinking mini bakes for Christmas Day tea and Boxing Day pudding!

DIY Presents. I’m not replacing my presents, but merely adding on a more personal level. I really hope this year, and many more years to come I will incorporate some DIY into some of my christmas presents. I have plenty of ideas, thanks to pinterest, and I’ll be sure to share in a upcoming post.

Buy early. Every year I manage to let myself get well behind on gift shopping and well, too involved with all the festivities. I am determined this year will be different and I have in fact got ahead and bought some gifts already. I’m not getting ahead of myself just yet, there’s still time to slack!

Watch all my favorite films. I have a endless amount of favorite seasonal films I love to watch on the build up to the great day, however I always either don’t find or make the time to watch them. This year I pledge to watch all my favorites, maybe even twice!! P.s watch out for a upcoming post on all the films you need to watch this Christmas period!! 

Listen to Christmas songs everyday. I don’t listen to them merely enough in the build up. Certainly not as much as when I was little. By the time I usually even think about putting on abit of Wham!, Its nearly Christmas and I feel I haven’t had merely enough plays to get into the mood. As of December 1st, my first song was played, and well everyday I have been singing my heart out – not even sorry!

Make my presents pretty. I love wrapping presents. I don’t find many people like me who enjoy the cellotape and wrapping paper, so I know I am a rare find. Every year I pride myself of my presents, and this year I hope to not only pride whats under the wrapping paper, but whats on top too. Im thinking fancy bows, ribbon and curls!

Be Merry. I think we can all agree December isn’t as Merry as when you were young and in school. It seemed to hit December and bam, school turned in Christmas orientated art classes creating Christmas cards and watching films and playing games. Unfortunately not in the adult world, and if anything work seems to get more busy and far more stressful in the festive period. Having worked in retail, I can only feel their pain in the longer days and stressful weekends as everyone seems to turn in the Grinch shopping for presents on a tight time limit.

So, I hope myself and many others of you try and be merry this Christmas period. Yeah, its stressful and shops and far more busier and the slow walkers don’t seem to understand the panic of the Christmas rush, but please try and be merry. Remember, we all want to enjoy that one day of the year we are all guaranteed to spend with loved ones. Plus, work will be so much worse if we were all miserable.

Have you got some new traditions this year? Have I given you some inspiration on some new activities this christmas?  I’d love to know, so comment below.

Hope you are all enjoying this December. Can’t believe how quickly its all going!

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