Christmas wrapping inspo

Christmas wrapping inspo
I am a lover of Christmas wrapping!! I have already stated this in a recent post, and that is what got me thinking. I want my Christmas goodies to look amazing and inviting under the tree this Christmas. I have always been a little over the top with bows and ribbons, but this year I want mine presents yo look the best they can. As always, my trusted pinterest didn’t let me down with ideas on how to decorate my presents this year, and make them the best they can be. 

I am loving the ginger bread on the presents, as well as the use of wreaths and greenery on your presents. It adds a real feel of Christmas. I am yet to buy any wrapping accessories, but these have given me real motivation to make mine extra christmassy and special this year. The use of fabric and parchment paper is a road I am prepared to go down this year!

What do you think? Are you anal with your wrapping? Are you going to step up your Christmas wrapping game this year? I’d love to know so comment below! 

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