DIY Christmas goodies – Pinterest Inspo

DIY Christmas goodies – Pinterest Inspo

A couple of days ago in my new traditions post, I mentioned both baking and DIY presents and how I would like to make both of these a new staple in my Christmas.

I have been fairly lazy over the years and never ventured my creativity and always gone for the safest option – store bought. But times are changing and I’m getting adventurous, and so is my Christmas.
There are so many things we can create and make this Christmas that are extra special, if we know the know how. Once again Pinterest has been my trusty adviser and helped me find some amazing DIY projects I plan to steal this year!

I can find it hard to transfer the feel of Christmas throughout the house, so the idea of baubles in glass vases adds the touch of sparkle to any Christmas / dining area without feeling too much. Painted leaves, and autumn feeling candle holders seem like the perfect way to spruce up any boring jar or holder you may have lying around.

I am always looking for cute, personal ideas for gifts. As you, and everyone else gets older it gets harder to figure out what you’re going to give. I love the idea of a over mitten being filled for bakers and cookers alike. The hot chocolate idea would make a perfect secret santa idea and the cosmetic jar is a gorgeous way to give beauty goodies in a cute way.

I am determined, in the last couple of weeks, to make some personal favors and decorations for friends and family. Plus, I think it will super fun whilst watching one of my favorite Christmas films.

Are you going to create some gifts and decorations this year? Have you got some ideas you think I should make? Let me know and comment below! Hope you all are having a lovely December!

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