Must watch : Christmas Edition

Must watch : Christmas Edition

As always, it hits December and the Christmas films are the only choice on my agenda when snuzzling down on a winter night. Whether it be the typical movie about Father Christmas, or rather the not so christmas orientated, but they just feel like christmas.

I’ve pulled together my films I have to watch around Christmas, otherwise , well its quiet simply not Christmas.

  • Home alone 1&2 – ofcourse! Merry Christmas you filthy animals!!
  • The Grinch – Childhood favourite. Even his colour is Christmasssy
  • Elf – Favourite city and utterly hilarious. Anything better than that?
  • Miracle on 34th street – You might see a theme with NYC? Has father christmas in it, can’t get much more christmassy!
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – Family favourite. Makes your family christmas look normal.
  • The Santa Clause movie 
  • Christmas Carol – Classic christmas story, says it all. 
  • Love Actually – Its based all around christmas with some of my favourite actors so its a huge fav of mine.
  • The Holiday – Snow in England with love. Another winter warmer.
  • Bridget Jones – Starts at Christmas, ends at Christmas. Its christmas right?

I know some of these aren’t strictly christmas, but hey, its all about watching films with happy endings and that make you feel cosy.

What films do you watch around this time of year? Any Christmas favs I’ve missed? I’d love to know, so comment below. Hope you all are getting prepared for Christmas. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

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