My Ideal meal : Boxing day material

My Ideal meal : Boxing day material

This may be rather controversial for me to say, but I can assure your I mean it. Boxing day is my favourite part of Christmas. The food, the atmosphere, the playing of your new presents. Oh I love it!!

The fact its only a week away – Oh the excitement!! If you managed to catch my Christmas Day food post yesterday, then you’ll know where I’m going with this ; I thought I’d share my Boxing day meal with you!

Once again, we don’t do starters. We have so much food over the course of Christmas there is no point having starters too!

Main : Jacket potatoes and cold meats
Boxing day consists of all the left over meats from the day before, salad, potatoes and more. Its such a lovely alternative, and feels rather light compared to the heavy food of the day before. Ofcourse there is also the good old cheese board, which is a absolute Christmas favourite of mine. 
Pudding : Christmas cake, amoungst other things 

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