My ideal meal : My typical christmas dinner

My ideal meal :  My typical christmas dinner

As its a week until I get to tuck into that gorgeous Turkey, and gorge on chestnut stuffing – my absolute fav, I have turned my series onto the topic of my typical Christmas dinner.

I have learned over the years how everyone’s Christmas’ are different, and christmas dinners do too; some people don’t even have turkey – say whattttt!!!
With that in mind I thought I’d share a typical Christmas dinner at the Carters. 
Firstly – NO STARTERS. I don’t think in the history of a Carter christmas have we had a starter. Whats the point when we have some much Turkey and stuffing to get through rightttt? 
Main : Turkey & all the trimmings!
Yes, thats right. We don’t do Christmas dinner by half in our household and have all the trimmings. 
Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, brussel sproats, cauliflower cheese and ofcourse not forgetting the pigs in blankets. All covered in yummy gravy and served with yorkshire puddings. Its the only time of year I truly like roast dinners!
Pudding : Christmas pudding and Black forrest gateau. 
There are some fussy eaters, so we tend to have something else besides the usual family made christmas pudding and black forrest gateau it is. Personally I love both, but it really isn’t Christmas without Christmas pudding!

This is about the time we are all complaining of full tummies, so we pull our christmas crackers, have a giggle at the same jokes and climb down from the table for a well earned, christmas day nap.

So there you have, my typical christmas dinner. I am so excited for next weeks dinner, amoungst other things. I do believe the food is the best part, but I say that because I’m getting old and Im not getting the toys I used to.

What are you excited about next week? What do you do for your christmas dinner? I’d love to know, so please comment below. 

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