Home | Curtains and Nets – The Layered Look

Home | Curtains and Nets – The Layered Look

Curtains aren’t usually something I take notice in, yet since buying brand new, and nothing to even start loading into the apartment, I am having to start from scratch and think of every little thing we need.

So windows! They are a big aspect of our living / kitchen area. And with unusually high ceilings and in turn large windows, they seem like a rather big issue to address.

Whilst blinds would be a easy issue solver, with such big windows, it get pretty costly just for one. So curtains are the second option (naturally) and I been admiring some good layered looks for windows that would look amazing in my new place!

 I love any layered look, and even more so in these windows. Grey curtains with the netting creates privacy, but a sense of comfort in the room. Our apartment is a little bear, so creating a splash of colour and texture in the room via layered nets and curtains seem like the perfect combination for my new home.

Do you like the layered look? Nets are pretty outdated I feel, but this look pushes them back into the modern home.

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