Fashion | Pretty pink OOTD

Fashion | Pretty pink OOTD
Pretty pink

Pretty pink by charlotte-carter-23 featuring satchel handbags

 Hello Lovlies, 

It’s been a while since creating some new outfits. With that in mind, I thought it would make a regular thing on a friday – fashion friday! Yayyyy!! 
So here we go. I think I’ve made it pretty clear before, pink is not the colour of choice, so to find a outfit with huge aspects of pink that I actually seem to like is a real rareity. 

And I do love this outfit. Casual, girly with a twist of tomboy behaviour. Roll neck jumpers are a big aspect of my wardrobe; I like anything that means I don’t have to blend so much on my neck! 
And converse are a major shoe obsession of mine, since they are just the comfiest, once you’ve worn them in of course.
And then there is the statement Michael Kors handbag! I really need to get my hands on one!
So, what do you think? Is this something you would wear? Let me know and comment below!

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