Lifestyle | Get motivated for the Gym

Lifestyle | Get motivated for the Gym

So, once again its another Gym new years resolution, and once again I am lacking in motivation to get there, despite having my own down stairs underneath my bedroom. I think everyone agrees its alright once you get there, but its all about taking that first step!

Think of why you’re doing it ; This is the biggest contributor when I’m lacking in motivation and omph to hit that treadmill. Whether you’re feeling larger than normal, unfit, or just want release some energy remind yourself why.

Get a gym buddy ; Its often that when there is another party present in your weekly workout, they help motivate you even more so. You don’t want to cancel and let them down, neither do you want to seem like you’re doing less than them. And guess what, that’s probably how they feel too! So get your best girlfriend and collab on burning calories together. You can even have a good chin wag too.

Eat well ; When you’re eating well and feeling the benefits of nutritional fruit and veg, it can give you motivate you to do better in other areas of health and fitness too. With more energy to burn that comes with eating better, you’ll be itching to release that extra spring on the treadmill.

Do other exercise too ; Walk more, go for a jog or jump in the pool for a couple of lengths. Doing exercise out of the confinements of the gym can motivate you to do better inside when you’re doing more outside. Not only is it a change of scenery, but can feel a lot less like a chore of keeping fit.

Multi-task ; When at the gym, you don’t just have to work out! It can be so off putting when you have a endless amount on your list to do or would rather do, that itself can be a deterrent to getting your bum down the gym. But in fact, there is so much you can do whilst pedaling on the exercise bike. Grab your ipad or phone and binge on a netflix series, catch up on the latest Eastenders episode or even listen to a audio book. I have all these tips in a nifty post, so check it out here.

Give yourself targets ; It may be hard to keep to them, but they can be great motivation when you’re just feeling a duvet day eating your favorite Ben and Jerrys. Have obtainable and not too ambitious targets to get you going and alter and change the further you go. Whether your target is to loose a certain amount of weight or just exercise numerous hours and week, they can all help you hit the gym.

So whether you need the kick up the bum to get into the gym, or motivation that your healthy living is obtainable this year, I hope some of these tips will help you make that first step. Always remember, you don’t have to go to a gym to get fit. Keep your eyes pealed for more healthy living / keep fit style posts this January. I am in dire need to shift this added weight thanks to the many cheeses I sampled this Christmas.

Do you have any tips on what motivates you? I love hearing your thoughts, so comment below.

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