Home Inspo | Moving out

Home Inspo | Moving out

Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy busy busy sorting and arranging and applying for a mortgage. When they say its one of the most stressful things,I can completely understand.

But now, as the dust settles, the mortgage offer is accepted and completion date just a matter of weeks away (if all goes well        ** crosses fingers**), I have been getting more interested in the exciting things like flooring, furniture and colour schemes.

I have longed for the days of planning my own home, and now its finally here, I don’t know where to start.

My trustee friend – pinterest, has been amazing in giving me some inspiration and as always I thought I’d share.

Bedroom – With white wash walls and big bright windows, we think it will be nice to have darker furniture and a cosy palette for the colder nights and snuggling watching Luther in Bed. These few pictures are just some of our inspiration.

Living Room – Since we have a kitchen / living / diner, we are desperate to include distinctions between the seperate areas. With particulary high ceilings, large windows and again white wash walls, we again want warmer shades and colours. The tv will be the focal point as always, and plenty of storage to accompany both our dvd collections, without looking too cluttered.
I haven’t outline everything, and as always there is so much to consider and plan for. We do have another bedroom and hallway to plan too. 
Whilst its early stages, there is a lot more to plan, organise and do. Watch this space, as there is no doubt I will be posting more Home inspo posts, home hauls and Ikea trips no doubt. 
What do you think? Any ideas you think I should consider? Let me know and comment below! 

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