How to | Keep spirits high when things get tough

How to | Keep spirits high when things get tough

It can be so hard to keep spirits up when things have gone a little south. Relationship turned sour, work getting stressful, coursework piling up. What ever the situation, it can really take its toll.

When unemployed after finishing university, I found it really hard to keep optimistic when searching for my graduate job. Everyone around me seemed to be going in the right direction whilst I was standing still. I had ambitions I’d have liked to get going with, yet I felt stuck with no means to get there. It can be so disheartening and a real struggle to be motivated when everything around you seems, well, crap.

Sound familiar? There is a way around this feeling, and I think I have found it, perfectly.

Keep optimistic – It may be hard but remember this isn’t going to last forever. Bad week at work, rough patch in your relationship, too much coursework….it won’t last forever I promise.

Plan something ahead – I always find its the best distraction as well as motivator. If you and your partner are having a tough time, plan a meal out or a trip to keep you both optimistic. If work is being difficult, plan something exciting on your day off, it will be a sure fire way to get you through any tough patch.

Keep doing what you love – When you’re in a tough spot, whatever the situation is, most of us wallow in self pity and hide under a duvet. Whilst most of us love our bed, not many of us like wallowing, so keep doing what you love! Catch up with friends, go for a walk or even watch your favorite film / tv show. Its bound to get your spirits up.

It can only get better – If you think this is the worst of the worst, than it can only get better right?

Confide in someone – Many of us go through tough things on our own and find it hard to confide and seek advice in someone else. Reach out and share your struggles. You never know someone may be going through the same thing and will be able to support you and give you advice. It always a good idea to find a listening ear, even if it is to offload some of your worries.

So, next time you’re struggling to keep your spirits up, whatever the situation, I hope some of these tips will lift you a little, and at least remind yourself it won’t last forever!

Do you find yourself struggling to keep spirits up? 
What do you do to keep yourself happy? 
I’d love to know, so why not comment.

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