Get in shape, in the comfort of your own home – no equipment necessary!

Despite popular belief, you really don’t need to be hitting a gym weekly to get fit. Gyms = membership pricing, which for some, is not an option. Much rather, committing to some easy workouts from the comfort of your own home can wield the same results.

So whether you want save some cash, or shoehorn some work-outs in your lunch break, stick around, I have some easy, no equipment needed exercises to get in shape, at home.


These are both my friend and enemy. After a short while not only do your muscles cry, but your bum grows, like pure magic. As they say pain is gain, and this exercise is well worth it if you want that Kim K (or shall I say Khloe K) booty!

Why not kick it up a notch, with jump squats and weighted squats!


This is my worst kind of at home routine and the only time on earth a minute really does feel like a lifetime. Stop staring at the stop watch and just keep thinking of the toned tum you could get with this super easy but mighty tough at home exercise.


If you haven’t noticed I am more interested in my bum and legs, but this does both. A hell load of stretching, but it works. Keep them low and do walking lunges to feel the full effect.


These are another that sound too easy. You instantly realise how stupid that thought was when you can no longer stand the burn after 10 seconds. Stick at it and power through to tone those thighs and bum. Keep your back straight to make it a little more bearable.


Target that tum with crunches. There are a variety of crunches, but I prefer the alternating crunch to target my legs too! Short bursts in between other small exercises breaks up the burn.


These are my favourite and always do my target amount and more. With little to no pain, I feel it works the most target areas.


Another personal favourite, I love the simplicity but the effectiveness of this exercise. Vary your donkey kicks with pulses and keeping your leg raised and making small circles.

Make sure you use a yoga matt or on a soft surface to keep your knees from aching!

Working out at home can save cash, break up a day and give you a real opportunity to focus on your conscious areas, in your very own home.

Do you have any at home exercise routines? Are there some that I should try? I would love to know and try something new, so comment below.