New years resolutions : 2016

New years resolutions : 2016

Let me start by saying, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are once again at the start of a brand new year, and another oppertunity to start afresh and try and stick to some new years resolutions. 

As always, they never go to plan, and you’re lucky to actually maintain any by the end of January. But for the sake of this blog post, and for 2016, I do have some that I would like to think I will try and stick by. 

Regularly use the gym – I think I said sometime mid last year that I have a gym at home and some how I still slack on the gym front – sigh. Hopefully this year will be different! 

Schedule alot more – I really need to get a little more organised on the blogging front. I have too many posts in the draft area not knowing when they’ll make the page. That needs to change!

Keep Mcdonalds at bay – Yes I am a big fan of a McChicken sandwich or a Big Mac, but lets be honest, it won’t do neither my figure nor heart any good, so best I try and avoid those this year, well as much as possible. 

Hone in on my cooking skills – I have been blogging a few recipes and cooking posts lately, and have started to rekindle my love for cooking. Making meals on the spur of the moment and adjusting my favorites is something I enjoy so much, so I really hope its something I can stick to and find a bit more time for. 

Read more – This year marks the first year of no bloody education. Whilst they have been some of the best years of my life, I am happy to say I don’t have to read media law ect in my spare time. With that in mind, I’d really love to rekindle my love for books and read a lot more. 

Move out – Mum and Dad you have served me well, but I think its time I really stepped into the world on my own. Moving out is a big ambition this year, along with really finding my feet financially and well growing up good and proper. This maybe coming early this year as me and the better half are currently applying for a mortgage, wish us luck!

Dress better – I think most people I know would laugh at this simply because its often stated I have farr too many clothes, so buying more to suit a style is ridiculous. However, I think my love for slouchy t-shirts and jeans should be a once a week kind of thing, not everyday. 

Be happy – Corniest yet, but I really need to start on maintaining being a little more happier a lot more often. I get too wrapped up in things and worry about things I shouldn’t until its necessary. I aim to keep the worrying at bay and just make the most of everything.

I think that’s about it when it comes to my 2016 new years resolutions. I’ll probably add to and change quiet a few through the year, but hey you have to have ambition right? 
Have you guys got your new years resolutions sorted? Got any similar to me? Let me know, and comment below! Hope you all have a celebratory start to the new year! 

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