The Best of 2015

2015 has been and gone, despite it only feels like yesterday I was reigning it in over a ltr of vodka (not the finest of hours). So whilst I get used to writing and saying 2016, and organising a brand new diary, I’ve decided to revisit some of my favorite parts of 2015, and the prospect of the new year.

Finishing university and graduating was not only a relief, but a sad occasion, as well as pretty proud one too. Throughout the three years of further education there were countless parts of the journey I thought I would pack up an return home. Despite the hard times, I finished uni, my final major project and graduated in the November, and I have never been so glad to persevere.

Paris with my best friend was one of the best parts of 2015. Having wanted to visit the romantic city for a while, the chance to go with not only my best friend but my boyfriend was a true highlight of the year. I completely understand those that fall in love with the gorgeous city because I truly did. 2016 will hopefully bring more city adventures for the both of us. 

Hogwarts at Christmas was a truly magical start to the Christmas period and the best way to spend the first year with my boyfriend getting into the Christmas spirit at the most magical place. Snow, butterbeer, Christmas decorations and magic, what more could you want?!

 A family holiday in the sun was something much needed this year after all the university work and the stress of life in general. I don’t like to speak to soon, but the prospect of Mauritius being the last family holiday as a foursome is a realistic prospect. Sad to think, but it was a gorgeous place to spend 2 weeks with my family.

Walking with lions was not something I thought I would be experiencing in 2015, but I sure did. These gorgeous animals were truly amazing and it was brilliant to see their natural habitat and how we can help conserve them as a species. I may have stroked one, and they might not seem so scary here, but I can assure you I still wouldn’t cross one!

There are so many amazing aspects of 2015 that I will cherish as we start a new year. The idea of a clean slate and the prospect of the future is oh so exciting, I can’t contain myself. I already have some very exciting things happening this 2016, so watch this space.

What did you enjoy most in 2015? Are you excited for the prospect of 2016? I love to know what you guys think, some please comment below.

Hope you all had a lovely new year with friends and family.

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