Weekly update #2

Weekly update #2

Hello Lovelies!

Let me start by saying this is the second installement of 2016’s weekly updates, however I am a week late (as always), so this edition is a two week update!

These cold mornings leading to scratching my windscreen before work has got me dreaming of warmer, sunnier weather. Whilst the bitter cold has got me swooning over pictures of tropical beaches, I can’t help but smile when I wrap myself up in my lovely winter scarf and sip on a cup of tea! Mmmm.


As you probably know, my mortgage has gone through *yayyy* and I can finally stop worrying, and start signing paper work and running through decoration and furnishing ideas!

Upcoming installements will obviously cover my ideas and inspirations as well as some nifty home finds and some tips if you’re thinking of moving out or even getting a mortgage.

In the other sphere of life in general, work seems to be going swimmingly and I am as busy as ever.

Whilst the idea of being busy at home as well as work would usually stress the hell out of me, I am much prefering being busy and having plenty to sink my teeth into.

I’m pretty sure that won’t last much longer past Feb and I will be begging someone to give me a bloody break.

I am however still some what gutted as to the news of Alan Rickman passing away last week. In one way there was a sense of losing a aspect of my childhood.

Potter has been a huge aspect of my childhood and life. Proffessor
Snape was my all time favourite baddie and I always booed and hissed at
the tv screen as a young girl when he bullied poor Harry Potter. But all
the whilst we were all unknown to his kind nature and secret soft side.

fell hugely for his characters, and even more so for him as a
extrodinary actor. From the words of Mrs J.K.Rowling to the amazing
actor that portrayed him on screen, Alan Rickman was everything to do
with Snape and made my childhood imagination come to life on film.

Last week I immersed myself into my favourite character, feeling a little subdued as I thought more of the amazing actor we lost.

So whilst there has been aspects of relief and happiness to my last two weeks, I do unfortunatley finish on a rather sad note.

If you’re as much as a Harry Potter as I am you’ll be with me in watching all once again, in just honour to the great Alan Rickman.


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