Weekly update 2016 #1

Weekly update 2016 #1

This is the first of many updates for 2016 – how exciting! Can you believe 2015 is over, and so is the Christmas season?! Feels the older you get, the quicker time goes by.

As we enter the first week of 2016, I must admit I am dreading the January blues, back to work lull and the possible stress that comes with applying for a mortgage and trying to buy your own home.

Encase I haven’t already mentioned, me and my boyfriend are currently under going the most stressful and scary commitment of buying our first home. I have been rather hush hush not only to you, my followers, but many as the worry of rejection and the idea it doesn’t feel real sinks in. This time last year I would never had thought I’d be applying for a mortgage and be possibly moving into our first home by mid February. 
I won’t be saying much on the subject until everything has been absolutely confirmed (I’m a little skeptic like that). 

In other news, Christmas and new year treated me well, and as always I have added numerous pounds on in weight. The cheese board was the highlight of all food, and now I am in desperate need to hit the gym and tone up for the year ahead. 

In the blogger sphere, the back end of last year was a little bit of a fail, with many posts going unfinished and sitting in my draft box. I have a pretty optimistic year for my blog, hoping to grow in followers and confidence. I’m sure you’ve all caught my post on everything you can expect this 2016.

All in all, 2015 was a good year, and this year I hope will be even more a success. What are your plans this year? Has 2016 treated you well already? Such a shame we all now have to go back to normality. 

I love to know what you lovelies are up to, so as always comment below. 

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