Yoga – My favourite online videos

So, as you may well know, getting back to the gym and over all becoming a lot more healthy this year is a big new years resolution for me. I have been trying to get a lot more motivated, and since posting my post on how to (its here if you’d like to check it out), I have started to take it a little more seriously and looked to Yoga too!

I have heard so much about how good yoga is to keeping fit and becoming more flexible and all over toned, so I thought I’d try it out. Whilst going to a class would probably be the best option, I opted for the ample amount of room in my gym and my Ipad.

Yoga for beginners was the first yoga video I watched, and stands to be my favourite. This 20-minute session gives you a real taste of yoga and gives you a good grounding to get to grips with yoga!

Yoga for bedtime is another favourite of mine as it really does help me get a good nights sleep. During the days of late nights and stressful days, sleeping became that little harder to come by. This yoga routine however will get you sleepy eyed!

Fat burning yoga workout is a 40 minute routine that will get you wondering why you haven’t used yoga for weightloss before. Its one of the longest routines I endure, but It’s worth it. I make it a staple routine twice a week when going for weight loss.

Strengthen and Lengthen is another weight loss gem and really works on strengthening those staple areas. This another favourite and a must try for weightloss.

Total body work out is a hour long complete work out. Its abit lengthy but trust me it goes quick. Another must try for weightloss and to excersise your yoga technique.

Yoga for butt and thighs is naturally another favourite of mine because I love anything that can work on my bum and thunder thighs.

These are my most used and abused yoga routines I use from home. I do have some others I like to follow every now and again too:

Yoga for weightloss abs and arms

Yoga for weightloss hip and hammies

Yoga for weightloss yoga core workout

Power yoga

I love doing yoga apposed to a sweaty work out and find home the best place to roll out a matt and follow and work on what you’d prefer.

Do you do alot of yoga? Are there any videos you enjoy watching? Let me know and comment below!

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